If your desired item is out of stock at your local Storm -store, AND it is available at our Turku main warehouse, you can pay the item at the store cashier and we will ship it directly to you from our main warehouse at no additional cost

Tyre change:

We change tyres! Remove the wheel yourself, and bring the whole thing along. You'll find a selection of good options for replacements - We will install and balance the new tyre for a small fee (10€ scooter tyres, Tubeless street from 10€, MX-tyres from 20€) If the tyre is not bought from us the rate starts at 25€. Check local contact details to arrange for an appointment

Tyre change full-service:

You can also drive the bike to our shop at Turku and Vantaa. We'll do all the work at 55€/h.

Receipt database:

Join our loyalty program and we'll store your receipts for you. You'll also receive offers regularly and info on new products