Showa SHW-453-SLACKER-V4
Showa digitaalinen Sag painauma mittari V4
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SERVICE ASSISTANT WITH VIRTUAL REMOTEThe new Slacker Virtual Remote (shown here with optional smartphone bar mount) is now available as a standalone remote or included with our Service Assistant app for iOS and Android. Now you can use your phone as a remote display, and save measurements directly to your setup notes(Service Assistant only). The virtual remote also allows you to reset Slacker to zero and place it in Auto Zero mode from your phone. Manage multiple Slackers securely in the cloud with Service Assistant.It’s Not Rocket Science-Bike setup is key to a fast, fun and safe ride. Motool’s patented Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner makes it super fast and simple for anyone to quickly take measurements and make adjustments on the fly, all with absolutely no assistance required. Measurements are shown in real-time on both the main unit and the included remote LCD display. Check your race sag every ride and adjust your spring preload for different riding conditions and experience just how good your bike can be. Whether you are a top pro or a weekend warrior, see what a perfect bike setup can do for you!Purpose Built-Slacker is the only purpose built system designed specifically for setting up motorcycle and mountain bike suspension. Not only does it allow you to take your own measurements in real-time using the remote display, it is much faster, more precise and it eliminates the human factor! Many of the world’s top suspension companies and factory teams are already using Slacker both on and off the road. Slacker is currently being used by Konflict Motorsports, Dave Moss Tuning, Öhlins Racing, Kreft, MX-Tech, Enzo Racing, Motorrev Suspension Tuning, Evil Bikes and many more!Fast, Simple, Precise-The new and improved Slacker is even easier to use than the original! This patented system allows anyone to quickly and easily setup their bike’s suspension. Slacker can show you your static sag, rider sag and tell you if your suspension is healthy and has the correct spring rates installed, all within a minute. The tool was developed over the course of two years with input from industry leading suspension companies like Factory Connection, Pro Circuit and MB1 Suspension to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool. This newest release features new hardware, new software and a fresh new look produced at a new state of the art production facility!