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JMP Battery Monitor 2 bluetooth akkuvahti
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Battery Monitor BM2​​ Main Features: 

1.Receive notification of battery conditions when enter BLE range 
2.Check starting system and charging system (alternator); 
3.List the time of each driving; 
4.Alert mobile phone if some data abnormal; 
5.Review voltage history in graph mode; 
6.Short-circuit and reverse connection protection 
7.Data stored in device up to 35days if out of sync 
8. Ultra-low power consumption, average current: 1.0 mA; 
9. Connect with battery directly, no code 
10. Free app for iOS & Android users; 
11. Compatible with all 12-volt vehicle batteries; Voltage: 9-16V 
12. Temp: -40-85C 

Battery Monitor BM2 Principle: ​​
Check battery state on phone APP via Bluetooth 4.0 when device is installed​​
Use for: All 12V Vehicle Battery 
APP Name: Battery Monitor BM2

Android: 4.3 and later
IIOS: IOS 7.1 and Later
iPhone: 4S and later 
iPad: iPad3 and later 

Suitable for: 
*DIY users 
*Battery service station 
*Tool store 
*Vehicle/Battery manufacturer 

Battery Monitor BM2​​ NOTE: 
1. Alert users if charge is low 
2. Review charge history in graph mode 
3. Show the state of charge of battery in real time 
4. Near-Filed Perception to get notification automatically

Package List: 
1pc x Battery Monitor BM2​​
1pc x User's Manual​​

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