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Different brands have different fitments. We have gathered below brand-specific size charts to help you find the right size from a given label

Size charts:







Notes on fitment of jackets:

Hyvin istuva ajotakkiWell fitting leather jacketi:
Our model typically uses size 50-52 jackets.An appropriate motorcycle leather jacket however for him is a size 48. The jacket is cut short from the front so that it is comfortable in an aggressive riding position without excess leather cascading between the belly and the tank. The sleeves are tight so that the protectors stay in place in the case of a fall. The sleeves are long enough as a motorcycle glove will overlap the cuff. Excess sleeve length is of no use when riding.

The jacket will feel stiff at first when it hasn't been worn in. It should not however limit relevant movements of the arms.




Huonosti istuva ajotakkiToo Big: Our model is sporting a comfortable size 54 jacket. It feels comfy but brings along problems. In high speeds the excess leather flaps and catches wind. The protectors have too much space to move in the event of a crash or fall.



Huonosti istuvat suojatThe protective abilities of the jacket depend also on the fitment and freeplay of protectors. Check for appropriate positioning and tight fit of protectors