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Heated Grips 7/8" + 1" Length 120Mm
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HG13 heated grips are designed with an integrated adjustable thumb switch, which allows them to easily fit on any kind of motorcycles on the market. The integrated thumb switch gives the opportunity to the rider to adjust the temperature level without removing his hands from the handle bar for a safer ride.

Its wide temperature setting range will keep the rider comfortable under the cold riding conditions. The 5 color LED display will enhance the visual look of the heated grips and will allow the rider to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set.

Another great feature of the HG13 heated grips is the Low-voltage battery protection. This system will detect if the battery voltage is too low and will automatically shut down the heated grips in order to make sure the rider have enough power to start the engine or use the motorcycle.


  • Integrated thumb switch designed for easy installation and setting.
    Allow the user to change the setting without removing the hands from the handle bar for a safer ride.
  • “Plug & Play” wiring connections to shorten the installation time.
  • Wide temperature settings for cold weather conditions.
  • Low Battery Warning protect to ensure the motorcycle have enough power to start.
  • 5 color LED Indicators for the rider to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set.

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