Kellermann KEL-184.100
Kellermann Bullet 1000 Dark 1kpl
109,95 €
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Classic meets HightechThe Bullet 1000 was created with a clear goal: An indicator with the classic bullet look and a classy Kellermann design, but equipped with modern LED technology. A newly developed light technology (Kellermann-HPT) creates a homogenous ring of light. Design quality is not only a question of shape and surfaces but also a result of the complete look and feel when the lights are on. The high quality metal housing with a maximum diameter of 39 mm is like a jewel on the motorcycle. It is available in chrome, black and matte chrome. The Bullet 1000 works with any sophisticated bike design. The Bullet 1000 comes in four different technical versions: Extreme indicator, indicator with yellow position light, indicator with white position light, and indicator with rear and break light.Bullet 1000 ExtremeThe Bullet 1000 Extreme is a pure indicator with high luminosity and has the ECE-R6 approval for all vehicles. The big advantage of the indicator is that you can install it closer to the main light than normal indicators, giving you more options to customize your bike. The continuous light ring shows the LED typical fast response** combined with Bullet typical soft response of the inner light section. Altogether a harmonic indicator performance that blends in with the great overall look and feel of this amazing product.** Electrical accessories may be required to match indicators signal frequency.** Combination out of the IC operated Longlife Protection Guard system with high-performance-LEDs latest type of construction. …lue lisää …piilota